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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Flight Details for CNNSP-11 on Saturday, 14-May-2016

I've been a little scatter-brained with last minute preparations for the upcoming flight, but thought I should share a few details as I've had some folks inquiring.

The Central Nebraska Near Space Program along with Nebraska Stratospheric Amateur Radio will be launching two weather balloons

Saturday, 14-May-2016 on behalf of the
Edgerton Explorit Center in Aurora, NE.

Launch Time: 9:15 - 9:30 AM CDT
Location: East side of Edgerton Explorit Center

Google Map Link of location

What kind of equipment will be in the payload containers?
  • (2) APRS trackers consisting of GPS, microprocessor, amateur radio transmitters operating on 144.390 MHz and 144.360 MHz
  • (2) GoPro cameras for in-flight recording of photos and video
  • (1) CW - Morse Code Beacon transmitting "KC0MWM Balloon" about once a minute on 146.565 MHz
  • (1) SSTV - Slow Scan Television transmitter on the Martin 1 mode at 443.450 MHz
  • In flight monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure data will also be available on one of the APRS signals.
The balloons can be tracked online at the website using the following link once the balloons are airborne

CNNSP APRS trackers will be KC0MWM-11 and KC0MWM-12

NSTAR APRS trackers will be N9XTN-11 and N9XTN-12

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